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Montmeilleur Airfield

Carte Bossy (Click to enlarge)

Short final runway 09 at LFKK

Montmeilleur standard approach chart

Montmeilleur standard airfield chart

Montmeilleur non-published GPS approach on a trial basis

Montmeilleur GPS waypoints

Montmeilleur PPR form



Montmeilleur boasts one of the finest mountain runways in France, but it is a mountain runway with a 10% slope, so beware, you may want a check-out before flying in. However, since it is a private airfield and not an “altisurface or altiport”, you do not need the French “Pilote de Montagne” license.

Once you are aware of the peculiarities of mountain flying you will discover a whole new facet to aviation - mountain airfields everywhere. Some so challenging that you may want to fly there with an instructor, some easy enough, and with great restaurants, to fly there at a moment's notice. For ultralights France offers unlimited possibilities - an estimated 2000 airfields and the possibility to land everywhere with the property owner's permission.

If you want to fly to Montmeilleur with an aircraft you will have to fill in a PPR form required by the local French authorities and send it to us, we will pass it on to the Préfecture. There is no such requirement for ultralights.

Please send it by fax to +43 1 35 60 600 99 or by mail to

Once you’ve sent in the form you are good for as many landings as you want and there is no expiration to the authorisation. Don’t expect an answer from the Préfecture.

Before flying in to Montmeilleur, please consult the ICAO charts, as there are a regional park and a national park in the vicinity with overfly restrictions.

Please also consult the approach chart and the airfield chart for Montmeilleur.


Should the weather be iffy or if it has rained recently, give us a call under +33 9 64 92 62 99, if no answer, call the caretaker, Mr. Cosson under +33 6 85 96 93 46. Some French will come in handy when talking to him.

When flying in, you might consider contacting Marseille Info on 124.5 MHz when outside of controlled airspace, though you will lose them below 8000 ft. Once you have left cruise altitude it is a good idea to switch to the mountain frequency of 130.0 MHz and to broadcast your position and intentions every 10 minutes or so. When you are 5 NM from Montmeilleur airfield, radio AA (auto-information) is mandatory.

Montmeilleur is easy to find, the castle and the runway are pretty visible. However, there is a lot of greenery around, so coming from the North you might want to aim for the sugarloaf-shaped mountain (Le Ménil) about 3 NM west of the highest peak around, the Obiou.


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Traffic pattern at Montmeilleur Aim for the Ménil mountain

The downwind is on a 270 degree heading just north of the Ménil. If you are coming from the west, aim slightly to the right of the castle, you should see the airfield. It is marked with red-white-red riders and has a striped windsock.

Montmeilleur has the ICAO code LFKK. You will find it on French IGN aviation maps and on the excellent Carte Bossy. Unfortunately, the ICAO code has not made it into DGAC or various GPS databases, so you will have to enter the coordinates manually:


LFKK: N 44 47‘ 37‘‘

E 005 45‘ 42‘‘

Elevation at the platform is 2992 ft or 912 m NN

Elevation at the runway threshold is 2830 ft or 863 m NN

Enter the traffic pattern midfield at 4000 ft and proceed to a right hand downwind to the south of the airfield. Please avoid all villages and reduce power.


The airfield is 560 m by 15 m, with the 10% to 7% slope it is the equivalent of abt. 1000 m, so it is pretty long, no need to set down right on the threshold. You might want to aim for a landing point in the first third of the airfield. To smooth your rotation you might consider leaving some power with 1500 RPM on the prop. Be alert for some healthy downdrafts on short final.

Once you have landed, please put your plane out of harm’s way. You can tie it down in the grassy area near the hangar or park it on the tarmac, with park brakes on and with chocks on the wheels – you will find some in the hangar.

Now French administrative rigmarole: please register on the list provided in the mailbox in the hangar.


Fuel and transportation

AVGAS and JET fuels are available at Grenoble le Versoud airport LFLG and at Gap airport LFNA AVGAS occasionally at Aspres airfield LFNJ. MOGAS is available in our village, Mens, 3 km away and we'll be glad to help you out with jerricans and transportation.

For those arriving by air we will gladly provide a car for local transportation and shopping.


If you would like to visit with us, please give us a call on 130.0 MHz when flying in or call us on the phone +33 4 76 34 87 74. If we’re here, we’ll be glad to see you and you are welcome to some tea, coffee or water and, if we are not submerged in work, a tour of the property.



Want to stay? Montmeilleur offers 3 spacious cottages and 4 apartments for rent. Look them up under cottage and apartment rental and mail us for special aviator rates:

Please also consult links for other tourist facilities in the area.



Before leaving, please enter your departure time in the list. When taking off you must keep the runway heading for 2 km, that is the first low rise, and please reduce take-off power as soon as feasible. Again, AA is mandatory.

For flight plan cancellation or to file and open a flight plan you can call the Lyon AIS under 04 72 22 56 76 or 04 72 22 56 78.



Please note that utilisation of the airfield is always and entirely at the pilot’s risk and that the property company declines any and all responsibility for its use. The property company, Montmeilleur s.a.r.l., makes no representation as to the practicability of the airfield which may be encumbered by soft ground, high grass, holes, objects on its surface, etc., which can all potentially cause damage to an aircraft and/or harm to its occupants.

Have a wonderful, safe flight!